Dameon Gayle: Behind The Lens

Dameon Gayle

Envisioning Music with Director (Warrior Films) and Producer (Warrior Musick Productions), Dameon Gayle

Dameon Gayle, is to reggae and dancehall what Hype Williams is to hip hop. He grew up in Waterhouse and learned to play drum, keyboard and bass guitar by ear, as a child. By 18, he began  hanging out with local musicians in his community including,  Bob Andy. This early introduction to music would shape his life and career. More After The Jump…

I was just sick pon the drums and the musicians in the local studio gave me a keyboard.  I went from playing quiet church hymns to playing “Bang” reggae and  Bob Andy would come and show me how to play inna di backa the yard. This opened me up to more music as a musician. Rance Chambers, the band’s leader introduced me to Courtland “Gizmo” White,  the guitarist of Raging Fyah.  I went to Courtland’s house and I was fascinated by his equipment – he ended up renting a room in my family home. It was during this time, that I  learned how to build a riddim and realized that I liked it more than playing in a band.  Devano was the first artist to sing over one of my beats.” –Dameon Gayle

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